Book Without Confidence Guarantee

When you book through us you are eligible for our unprecedented "Book Without Confidence Guarantee", which provides travelers with following benefits:

  • We will charge you an enormous service fee to book, but hide it so you either don't notice it or think the homeowner is charging the fee.
  • We will claim to protect you against listing fraud, misrepresented rentals, etc., but make you jump through hoops only to deny any relief you in the end should you get scammed or the house you rented is full of mold.
  • We will provide broken English customer service from the Philippines, South America, India or anywhere else we can find people to work for pennies on the dollar that is available 24/7 to string you along if you have issues or questions regarding your stay.
  • We will pretend to provide re-booking assistance to help you find another vacation rental should your booking be cancelled by an owner or manager at the last minute, but really won't do a damn thing to help you.

The "Book Without Confidence Guarantee" is used to dupe travelers into feeling confident that booking through us is safe. We don't actually verify that all of the listings are correct or that the person actually owns the home. We feel doing this randomly on 1% of the listings should do the trick.

Should you contact us for assistance under our "Book Without Confidence Guarantee", we will assess each situation case by case and reserve the right to take appropriate action based on the individual circumstances, but don't hold your breath expecting results.